To new beginnings, A New Years post to follow your passions and dreams

I know that almost everyone has dreams and aspirations to do something exciting with their life other than the 9 to 5 hum drum. With the world the way it is today, starting my dream of working from home seemed more promising than ever, or so I thought. There was many things that I had tried previous, and to put it mildly... I failed. Though none of the prior opportunities really sparked my internal flame.  It did not line up with my dream of doing something great with my passion for the ocean and tropical climates.  

A little down and out about this whole "live my dream life" thing, I went back to work as a medical assistant. Two years go by and I still can't shake the feeling that I need to be a free bird! I need to follow my heart and really try to find my passion, I was on a mission. I soon quit my job and took a serving position in a tap room in town where I live in Washington state. I liked it, I could be social and still have time to spend with my two I thought. The nights grew later and the shifts ended, but then the drinking started. I would stay several hours past my clock out time to basically get drunk. As I am sure you can imagine this did not always go over so well with my husband and kids. 

Seeing and acknowledging the road I was going down, I decided to slow my roll with the drinking. A few weeks later my family and I were going on an outing to the mall. I was sitting in the front seat next to Jarrett, my husband, when I felt a pain in my right breast. So like anyone else I went to examine the area and I felt a lump! OMG!!! I thought I was going to pass out right then and there! I had to hold it together though, my kids were in the car and I did not want to scare them. 

Then next day I called my OB and got in a day later. She said it was noting to worry about, but I needed to get it checked just to be safe. To make a long story short, they put me through the ringer!  From the mammogram and ultrasound to the biopsy and the waiting. I felt like I was on the edge of my seat in a move theater watching a suspense thriller! 

It was awful, all I could think about was that I was only 37?? And that my kids still needed a mom, and what would my husband do without me? I laid in bed for days awaiting the biopsy results. I meditated with tears streaming down my face for the first few of those days. Then I remembered that I had just been though this with two very strong woman in my life, they are survivors and they are still with us today. At that moment in meditation, I had a mind shift.  I was going to take control of this situation and live my best life with or without this biopsy outcome.

A day later, at the end of my shift I put in my two weeks notice in the tap room. I was not going to let this unknown control my life. I wanted to do so many things and if it comes back positive, I don't want to be stuck at a job that dose not serve me and my dreams.

I never thought it would be possible to follow my passion and open my own online swim shop but that was my dream, and I was going to find a way! I started thinking and researching and really deciding how I wanted this to come to fruition. I was very thankful for the distraction and felt at peace with my decision.  

It was a Tuesday morning and I was at a tire shop with my mom when I received the call from the doctor that my test came back negative and it was not cancer!  I did however have an infection, but thats a whole other story. I only cared that it was not the big C!!! 

Feeling better than ever I dug deep into my new adventure with Vaykayvibes LLC. I am so passionate about my company and I what it to stand for. It embodies all the truth in my heart. I am a tropical weather, ocean loving, beach obsessed girl to my core. I love everything that has to do with the ocean and beach. For real,  any and all of it.  That is how I have come up with my ideas for my brand. I want to be apart of saving the oceans and beaches. To really do my part to preserve their amazingly brilliant beauty and wonder. 

Currently I am curating from other brands that strive for my same passion. I want to support all woman and men to feel great in my swimwear no matter their age or background. Keeping in line with my heart to provide sustainable and Eco friendly products that I love. I am also working on finding the right material and manufacture to support my vision of creating my own line of recycled plastic and reclaimed ghost net swimwear. In addition, a portion of all my proceeds will go to cleaning our oceans and beaches. As well as other ocean related charities close to my heart. 

This has not been a fast process, but I am working relentlessly to pursue my dream and I know that it will make a difference and hopefully will touch and inspire others out there to follow their hearts desires. 

Always choosing happiness, gratitude, and love! 
Live Everyday Like A VayKay

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